Independent curators and those with institutional affiliations may apply. Applications from established and emerging curators (2+ years of professional experience) will be considered. 

To be considered a candidate for our Core Programs, applicants must submit a full application that includes the following:
• A completed application form (2 pages).
• A statement of up to 400 words. This statement should address your knowledge of the area to be visited as well as your expectations about how the Program will expand your existing body of work and/or enhance your professional development.
• A Curriculum Vitae (abridged to no more than 2 pages).
• US$ 60 application fee. Payment can be made by credit card (link below) or by PayPal to 
Please, note that no application will be considered until the application fee is paid.


1. Each curator-in-residence is expected to read, prior to travel, the complete reading list provided by local hosts, and attend to the complete itinerary for the duration of the Program.
2. On completion of travel, curators are asked to submit an analysis report including a written statement of about 500 words and photo documentation (10 photos). This material will be used to contribute towards the catalogue, as well as the online journal resource on CPR’s website.
3. Twelve weeks after the end of the Program, each curator is asked to submit a proposal for an exhibit in his or her city of origin. See award details here

CPR Core Programs are fully funded; we provide round-trip airfares, accommodation and local transport.